Thursday, June 23, 2011

The past 2ish years

FOREWARNING: This will be a long post.

In 2009 a year after John was placed on TDRL (Temporary Disability Retirement List) by the Air Force, we were prompted to move to Idaho. I know it seemed crazy to have no diagnosis and now we would have no family to help. Plus, Chayse was turning 1 and now she would be so far for both sets of grandparents. We had her 1st birthday in Texas then in October moved. Within months of we got with the best P.A. someone could ask for. He gave us some referrals for pain management doctor who has tried to improve John's quality of life. June 2010 the doctor implanted a pain pump, that allows the medicine to go directly to the spine. Keep in mind until May 2011 we still did not have a doctor willing to give a diagnosis, also, the pain pump is not a cure, but a bandaid on a much bigger problem. His mom and brother came here to help with recoup from the surgery. During this time I got accepted to BYU-I to continue with my degree. I started school in January 2011. Chayse has grown so much!! She is a "jabberbox" as one close friend calls her. She is almost 3 and wears 5T in certain clothes!!

We have had our house in Texas on the market since September 2010. We are set to close on 28 June 2011. This is a great joy and an answer to many prayers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New to blogging

I am very new to this but will try to do my best.

Recently, (the last month) we have finally had a doctor willing to diagnose John's condition. It is known as Conus Medullaris Syndromes. It falls under the same blanket as Spinal Cord Injury but has it's own issues. I would go into more detail but feel it not prudent. If you would like to know more I am happy to explain more or you can "google" it.

Also, we are set to close on the Texas house on 28 June. will be nice to have only one house note!!

We feel very blessed to have gotten many prayers answered!!!